Jerk Rants About the Cancellation of a Show He Didn't Watch (Though His Mom Said She Liked It).

I’m going to talk about the cancellation of Southland now, which is a show I’ve never watched. Whether y0u liked the show or not isn’t really important here, the issue is quite clearly with the how and the why of the cancellation.

southlandSee, NBC just canceled Southland a couple weeks before the second season was going to premiere. And to make matters worse, they canceled it because of Jay Leno. See, with Leno taking up all of NBC’s 10:00 slots (which is where Southland was this past spring), shows that used to air at ten now have to be bumped up to nine. So despite strong reviews and (apparently) lots of support from NBC execs, because the episodes of Southland’s second season completed to date were deemed ‘too dark’ for a 9 o’clock show, it’s canceled.

Let’s start with the idea of a show being ‘too dark’ for a particular time slot. Nine isn’t exactly early, and if your young child is still awake at any time, I’d hope you wouldn’t be watching gritty cop dramas with them. Also, SPN is on at 9:00 and shit like the dude falling on the saw in The Kids Are Alright was pretty gruesome. I think I’m gonna call bullshit on the ‘too dark for x o’clock’ excuse.

Now how about canceling a well-reviewed show you (once again, apparently) like? Hey NBC, how about Saturdays or Sundays at ten? Or, you know, pair it with a suitable show and market one night a week as your gritty and mature night or something. The amount of stupid I see in this story is just staggering.

Also, Leno isn’t funny and you’re killing yourself with his show. We both know it won’t be on five nights a week six months from now, and you’re axing viable shows because of your failed experiment?

I’ve never been this irked over the death of a show I haven’t even seen, srsly. Fail NBC, Fail.



~ by Jerk on October 9, 2009.

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