Heroes Need Love Too

heroes-at-playTonight, for the first time since the Gilmore Girls, I found Milo Ventimiglia attractive.  For the first time, since we all thought he was maybe gettin with his niece on the DL, Peter has chemistry with someone.. something. I was on the edge of my seat, heart racing and squeeing like a fangirl as they had their musical interlude.  I loved it.

Sylar even looked pretty good in those rent-a-sweatpants and his season 2 Peter bangs and for what it’s worth, I think Claire was totally hitting on Gretchen in the dining hall.  Thinking back over the past few weeks I’ve even wondered about the whole HRG/Tracy hook up that seems to be in the works and the shocking thing is, none of these things bother me.  I’m actually rooting for the home team to pull out some relationships and turn on a little bit of the sexy again.

The amount of romantic failure on Heroes in the past is almost to painful to go into.  DAPHNE, Sock’s sister, Irish lost in time and space girl, ELLE, aquaboy… all the other.. boys.  That doesn’t even get into the failed established relationships in the show, Mr and Mrs Bennett, the Parkman’s, DL and Nikki or..whatever.  Clearly the answer here is that Tim Kring hates love.

So here it goes, hear my plea (with the exception of maybe gay for pay Claire and Parkman’s old lady) lets let a little bit of good old fashioned romance into the mix here.  I’d love to see what happens with our newest hero and Peter.  I think for once the dude deserves a little somethin’ somethin’.  It might make him more likable in general.



~ by doublebitch on October 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Heroes Need Love Too”

  1. I honestly thought *and hope* that there’s something going on between Noah and Tracy.

  2. I kind of wondered about that in light of Angela’s advice to “Nathan” that he needed a fast car and a “younger woman of questionable morality” to work through his midlife crisis. If we see Noah in a sportscar in the next episode… 🙂

    And I agree with the poster that one of the beautiful things they’re doing with Peter and Emma is letting them…kind of develop a natural romance! The “relationship” with Caitlin felt really forced, and the feelings he had for Simone were too angst-ridden for things to have really worked out. I was annoyed when I read that one of the “new Heroes” this fall was going to be a love interest for Peter, but I like where it’s going, and I hope this doesn’t mean Emma is marked for death…

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