Smallville Season Nine: From a Geek's Perspective

After the seventh season I was convinced that Smallville was dead, and that the CW should just let it die with dignity. Season eight was one of the strongest the show has had, and season nine has been pretty sweet so far as well. Especially since they’ve ramped up the geek factor quite a bit.

brian austin green no shoesLet’s start with Metallo. Not only was Brian Austin Green really good in the role (loved that they threw in a Terminator reference!), but he was one of the most fleshed-out villains Smallville has had, to the point where I not only want him to come back, I also wish they’d had him in John Corben mode for a few more eps before Metalloizing him. DB also wanted me to use my comic knowledge here, and say that other than the cylindrical style of his kryptonite heart he really wasn’t an Iron Man ripoff. Comics Iron Man actually has an intact fleshy heart, so if anything you could say movie Iron Man is a Metallo ripoff.

tess slash loisWhile we’re on ep 902, at first I found it weird that Tess was majorly hitting on Lois (*fixes hair* “The last time you and I saw each other things did get a little… physical, didn’t they?”) until I realized she was just picking up the Clex baton and running with it as the new head of LuthorCorp. Brilliant, and I look forward to many Tess/Lois eyefuckings in the future.

Okay, onto Rabid. Now I might be something of a huge zombie fan, so maybe I’m biased but holy crap did this episode rock! Hands down the best ep since Legion, and most likely in my top five. It was visually one of the best looking Smallville eps (dodgy CG on the smallville zombieplane seeding the clouds with Clark’s blood aside), especially how they did the zombies. Several shots felt very homage-y to me, most notable being the closeup when Randle (the first zombie Lois runs into at the Daily Planet) jumps on his desk. That shot really reminded me of some of the zombie closeups in Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive. Not only were there really cool shots of really well done zombies (especially for friggin’ network TV!), but how cool is it to see Tess with a sword, or Ollie burst through the door with a shotgun?

highlander zod lightning

Also, and be honest here: Was I the only one who saw that final shot of Zod and expected lightning to start going off and Queen to start playing as Zod yelled “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!” ? I think not! Such an obvious Highlander homage, what a great way to end that awesome episode. I was giddy to the point of being bouncy after watching that. I also really want some sort of Justice League/Highlander crossover to exist now.

-Jerk has no rival, he has inside him blood of kings


~ by Jerk on October 12, 2009.

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