Epitaph One

So I picked up the first season of Dollhouse on DVD a while back, and last night my roommate and I finally got around to checking out the double secret probation thirteenth episode, Epitaph One. I was looking forward to it because a) Dollhouse and b) Felicia Day, but even with my high expectations I was blown away, this was probably my favourite ep of the series.

epitaph one 01Let’s start with the cast for this ep. I already knew about Felicia Day, but we also got Molly WalkerParkmanSuresh (who was really damn great in this ep, srsly), and Chandler Smythe himself, Clayton Rohner! Now granted the G vs E/little girl from Heroes crossover fan group is probably fairly small, but it includes me so this ep gets extra awesome points here. Oh and Zack Ward, if you’re a fan of his Torontoishness.

On the visual side, the handheld video style the ep was shot in really helped it out, giving it a very unique look compared to the rest of Dollhouse (I’d go into this more, but I think the setting of the ep is an important surprise that I don’t want to ruin for you if you don’t already know it), and the large amounts of darkness also helped in this regard.

epitaph one 02It’s strange, the awesomeness of this episode has almost done the show a disservice in that I want to see more of this story, I want to see more of these characters, and I really want to see how (exactly I mean, fill in the few blanks Epitaph One leaves empty) this all goes down as opposed to the story they’re actually giving us for the second season. As much as I enjoyed seeing Victor-as-Kiki dancing, I can’t help but wish Whedon was giving us the further adventures of Mag and Zone instead. This ep has made me exponentially more interested in where the series is eventually headed, and I seriously hope we’ll be getting an Epitaph Two to finish off the second season.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re a Dollhouse fan and you haven’t checked this ep out yet, do it! Do it now!

Also? A couple big ‘not evil’ moments for DeWitt in this ep, suck it DB!



~ by Jerk on October 17, 2009.

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