A Quick Smallville Question

lois monster truckHow exactly did Lois manage to get across town from the monster truck rally to Ollie’s shareholder meeting/party in one of the monster trucks? That would have been far slower than taking a normal car, unless they just drove over all the traffic in front of them. Also, did they stop and buy her that dress, or go back to her appartment in Smallville (although granted, I do realize we’re all just supposed to gloss over the fact that Smallville and Metropolis aren’t the same place at this point) to pick it up?

Add to this the fact that Lois then left pretty much immediately, and this is a lot of ‘not really thought out’ for a scene that didn’t really serve much of a purpose. My best guess? The Smallville crew had access to a monster truck, and they really wanted a way to work it into an episode.

Personally, I would have taken the third season Street Racing Pete tact, and had an ep where Redneck Lois is involved in Metropolis’ secret, underground monster truck society, and Clark finds out when he goes undercover for a story. Also, three words: Kryptonite shock absorbers. Now that’s how you work in a monster truck, Smallville-style!



~ by Jerk on October 18, 2009.

One Response to “A Quick Smallville Question”

  1. what about like monster truck with green K headlights. Wait.. no Red K headlights. Yeah.

    Also, that really could have been lois cutting up clarks shirt that she wore when they showered together.. er not on the farm like 3 years ago.

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