Heat Wave: In Stores Last Month!

I generally consider myself on the ball when it comes to cool, interactive, metafictional tie-ins for my fave shows (I’ve mentioned the awesome websites from HIMYM before), but somehow I missed the fact that Richard Castle’s first Nikki Heat novel came out at the end of last month? I will now spend a couple paragraphs talking of something you’ve most likely known about for weeks.

heat waveSrsly, even though my ‘to read’ pile is overflowing as it is, the idea of owning a physical copy of a book by a fictional author is verrrry appealing to me. I mean, not just because I’m a Castle fan. Even if I wasn’t, this would still tempt me, the liking is just the icing on the cake.

So, saying as I’m so late to find out about this (and I follow Nathan Fillion on Twitter, knowledge fail), has anyone read it yet? Does it come across as something Richard Castle would have written? More importantly, is it good? I’ve found that a lot of times with cool meta tie-ins like this, the idea is great but the execution is often flawed. I really hope this is a genuinely good book. It would be nice if the ‘watch Castle on ABC!’ thing wasn’t on there, saying as in the fictional ‘verse this book comes from, there is no Castle show. But I guess that’s a bit of pimping that’s unavoidable, even at the cost of fictional authenticity.

I’m also wondering about the timeline for writing a novel. It seems to me like even if this book had been started the day they learned of their second season pickup, that wouldn’t give them very much time to get the book finished and buyable a month ago. Seems to me this would have had to have been in the planning stages back during first season production, which is a really cool, long-term plan for a multimedia project. Or I’m just wrong and they started this in July.



~ by Jerk on October 21, 2009.

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