Ollie is the New Lana


Anybody else wonder why Victoria changed him into a white suit but didn't give him any shoes?

It’s official.  Oliver Queen is the new Lana Lang.  Somewhere along the line the powers that be on Smallville have realized that the show can’t survive without the person who brings the wobbly lip, the on again of again professions of love and lives to express their regret.  Add in a heavy dosage of someone whining about keeping secrets and  we’re right back a square one.

Oliver has been given so much screen time in the past couple years and I’ve yet to really let that bother me because A) I have loved Justin Hartley since his days as Fox Crane on Passions.  B) He brings the hotness and C) They’ve generally kept his character interesting and used him as a tool to progress Clark. But in this week’s episode we were taken out of our progressing story to check into Chloe’s own dose of insta-rehab for heroes and millionaires.  I wonder if she’d tried this on Lex 8 years ago if we’d still be having this conversation?

ollie1I thought we’d already given the Green Arrow his episode with the whole ‘Survivor’ trip we went on last season.  My issue really is that we missed an entire Clark scene to watch Ollie.  Clark went to speak to Jor-El to get answers and came back like a Heroes fight scene to tell us what happened behind closed doors.  I will hold firm, I’m here to see Clark Kent.  I’m sort of surprised that they’ve kept Ollie so involved when all of the other members of the JLA have a come and go sort of relationship with the show.  I’d love to see the Flash back, or Cyborg.  I suppose I’m forgetting about Martian Manhunter but out of sight out of mind.  I’m looking forward to “Society”, I just wish they could work some more of these characters in more often.  Maybe I’m just wishing for a spin-off.



~ by doublebitch on October 24, 2009.

One Response to “Ollie is the New Lana”

  1. I would like to say, this was far, far better than last season’s Ollie ep.

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