Titan Maximum

titan maximum 001I haven’t seen many people talking about this show, and saying as the fifth episode airs tonight I figured I’d whip up a post. Titan Maximum is the new show from Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Tom Root and the rest of the Robot Chicken team (and the writing team also includes some guys from comics, like Zeb Wells and Geoff Johns). As for the voice talent, we’ve got Seth and Breckin Meyer, Rachael Leigh Cook and even Billy Dee Williams, along with various others who have appeared on Robot Chicken in the past.

This time we’re getting an all-new, original show instead of a series of spoofs, complete with original models for all the characters instead of just modified action figures. The series takes place in the future when humanity has colonized the entire solar system, and stars the Titan Maximum team, a Voltron-ish group from Saturn’s moon Titan.

titan maximum 002If you’ve seen Robot Chicken before, then you know the type of humour to expect from the series, and while the pop culture references are toned down for Titan Maximum, they’re still there. The biggest improvement between RC and  is the quality of the stop-motion animation. The use of perspective and moving cameras is really impressive, their team has learned a ton since the early RC days.

While not of, say Venture Bros quality *cough*alsoontonight*cough*, so far Titan Maximum has been very enjoyable. Also I guarantee Leon (the monkey here) will be one of your favourite characters in anything ever.



~ by Jerk on October 25, 2009.

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