On Joss Whedon and Glee

As the resident JDB über Whedonite, I’m here to talk a bit about the announcement that Joss Whedon will be directing an episode of Glee later this season. On the surface this sounds like some geektacular awesomesauce right here. I mean, Joss is well known as a huge musical fan (and has made a couple musicals of his own, perhaps you’ve seen them), and on top of that he’s Joss-frickin’-Whedon.

gledonOn the other hand, it’s Whedon’s writing that gives something that distinct Whedon-ness. Look back at the episode of The Office he directed. Despite the vampires, nothing about the ep screamed ‘Whedon’ if you didn’t already know he’d directed it. I feel the same will happen with Glee. The direction should still be great, because Whedon is a damn good director, but it will still be just an episode of Glee, for better or worse.

It’s really more of a fanboy moment for Whedon himself, getting the chance to work on a show he loves (like his appearance as Car Rental Dude on VMars), but because he’s only the guest director working with a script from the Glee writing staff, I wouldn’t expect anything overly Whedony from the ep.

Except for Nathan Fillion.

As a high school student.



~ by Jerk on October 27, 2009.

One Response to “On Joss Whedon and Glee”

  1. Does this mean Glee will now be airing on Fridays?

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