This Post Sucks

We here at JDB are big fans of both lists and holiday theme posts, so I figured I’d make up a list of my favourites of a monster type on TV. Saying as there aren’t a lot of werewolves or zombies and ghosts are lame, I went with the Vampyr. I even did my best to not make this an all-Whedonverse list!

vamp 55.) Vampire Logan Echolls

Okay, so he’s actually Josef Kostan, and turned out to be my favourite character on Moonlight. But to begin with it was the fact that he was Vampire Logan Echolls (and really just being Dohring in a show) that made me check out the pilot ep. If this isn’t enough of an explanation of why he’s on my list, you should probably go watch VMars now.

vamp 44.) Detective Nicholas Knight

Okay, I should first admit that it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen Forever Knight that I really can’t remember that many details about the show, other than it rocked. One of the main reasons I loved this show is that Geraint Wyn Davies easily tops my list of people who look really awesome as vampires, even surpassing Kiefer in Lost Boys. And trust me, believing he could be a vampire was important when you were dealing with a Canadian TV show budget.

vamp 33.) Eric Northman

He’s a viking! That alone gets Eric about a million awesome points, but when you add in the fact that his relationships with both of the lead characters are far more interesting than Bill and Sookie’s relationship (to say nothing of his interactions with Lafayette and Sam, basically just Eric plus person equals good), and even if they cut off his metal hair he’s still the best character on the show, and my number three TV vamp.

vamp 22.) Spike

Why did William the Bloody make my list instead of Angel? I’d say they’re pretty even in their vampire-with-a-soul incarnations, but when they’re soulless and evil Spike is far more compelling than Angelus. When Angel goes dark side he’s just a brilliant, cruel psychopath. Spike is far more fallible, and often tries to be helpful though his morality is twisted.

vamp 11.) Vampire Willow

She’s Willow, but evil and wearing leather. She’s also interestingly far less evil (or at least less sadistic) than soul-having, magic-enthused Dark Willow. Oh and she likes to grope Normal Willow. Like anyone could top that! Hence the top spot on my list’o’vamps.

I’ll leave you with my favourite Halloween-themed YouTube video (I was this close to naming this thread ‘You Don’t Know Me But I’m a Vampire’):

-Jerk O’Lantern


~ by Jerk on October 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “This Post Sucks”

  1. Hee, love the inclusion of Vampire Logan Echolls, he totally was Logan but dressed better. Way hot. I miss Dohring. Love the inclusion of Spike and Vampire Willow, I’d include Angel myself but I have a thing for the brooding types.

  2. Honestly, Angel probably would come in at #4 if I hadn’t been actively trying to keep the list from being all-Whedon.

  3. I’m bringing this back for the song.

  4. I love that song

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