The Visitors are Back

abcVpic1Last night saw the return of the Visitors on ABC’s re-make? re-envisioning, re-imagined?  I’m not really sure what ‘official’ term they’re going with but lets just go with ‘what has happened before will happen again’.  I did watch V at one point in high school but I honestly don’t think I should be making comparisons.  It was a hazy time for me.  I’ll leave that to Jerk or maybe Mr over-eager Will in the comments.

Flat out, I thought it was a good start.  It’s holding my attention better than I expected, better than a lot of other similar shows out there right now.  I can’t help but feel the similarities from the first half of the V pilot to FlashForward.  Humanity all confused, trying to figure something out.

Most importantly, the ships look cool.  I was sad to see Tudyk die so early, but something tells me we’ll see Mr Alpha again.  I think Anna is freaky and seeing Scott Wolf on TV again is just weird, not to mention he hasn’t aged in over a decade.  I’m really hoping they bother to give Supergirl ‘Lisa” and Tyler Evans a bit of back story as I see them being more than just a strategic storyline.

I like the fact that we’ve got rogues and they’re set out for us already, well some of them and I also like that we haven’t really been strung along when it comes to the Visitors status as hero or villain though I do expect that to change back and forth.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m sort of rooting for the Vs.  As humans, I think it’s to be in our nature to side with our own kind but right now, I’m feeling like maybe the super advanced aliens maybe do know best.



~ by doublebitch on November 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Visitors are Back”

  1. From the previews, we’ll definitely see Alpha again. I was mentally calling him that the whole time, by the way.

    I really liked it, very good cast, interesting story, good effects. I’m in!

  2. There. Much better. As for me, I enjoyed it… but I do wish they’d kept the reverb voices, red in the uniforms (although updated for style…), and the dreary interior design of the mothership. Mostly superficial things. But the original Visitors were a militaristic culture, or at least the mission was seemingly military. Everyone wore uniforms, everyone had a rank, etc. There were no power suits, or vast open shopping mall-esque areas on the mothership.

    I’m interested to see if they keep the original “they’re here to eat us!” plot.

    I suppose that’d be slightly suspect though, in this day of perception and image and such…

    I do hope for a nod to the original somewhere in there. A guest spot, a musical cue… something. Even BSG had a brief musical nod to it’s ancestor in the original miniseries.

  3. I’m hoping to see some really obvious matte paintings.

  4. I’m hoping to see an alien puppet baby. And Michael Ironside.

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