Rub-a-dub-dub Four Blondes in a Tub

Trends in Hollywood?!  I know what you’re thinking, that never happens but there’s trends and then there’s overdoing it.  Earlier in the season I was noting the trend of emo brunettes popping up as the main characters of shows like Glee and the Vampire Diaries but now it has come to something even worse.  Blond Moms.

There are four semi-successful shows on right now with characters so identical, if I was just flipping the channels, I’d hazard not having any idea what show was on.  This has happened before with similar shows like Angel and Moonlight’s Beth the Reporter and Detective Kate Lockley but the key to such rip offs is to not be airing at the same time.  So here’s the run-down of our blond professional moms of prime time.

taylor schillingTaylor Schilling plays the war-veteran Nurse Veronica Callahan.  Can you believe she’s only 25?  Looking old in TV time doesn’t work unless it’s a joke like in Cougartown.  The only good thing about Mercy is Michelle Trachenberg as the green nurse and Veronica’s brother who is constantly telling her to shut up and stop being so emo.  Okay, okay, so she’s not a mom but she fits the type and I’m sure one of the story lines will be a pregnancy before long.  I gave this show one shot and decided I’d much rather be watching Michael Vartan on HawthoRN.

sonya walgerWhen Sonya Walger isn’t impersonating the fitness instructor on The Biggest Loser, she’s playing Dr Olivia Benford on FlashForward.  This character is especially similar to Mercy’s lead character because she’s a Doctor and also highly intertwined in a story about cheating on her husband.  There’s 10 years age difference between these two actresses which surprises me, and Sonya is from the UK.  I wouldn’t have guessed.  I’d put her at the top of my list as far as good acting goes but sadly her storyline isn’t much better.

elizabeth mitchelThird is Elizabeth Mitchel, whom you probably know from Lost is the latest addition to our casting terror.   She plays Erica Evans, FBI agent and worried mother on the series reboot of V.  The oldest actress of the bunch, she’s got an integral role in the show and gets a bit more of a hard ass vibe with the whole FBI thing but I didn’t like the weakness we saw in her as she both hit on and defeated her partner.  I suppose that’s all supposed to be part of her femininity but I’m not sure it was necessary.  Her role as a woman in charge, dealing with the struggles of family and children on top of her job drop her right back down in to the same category as the other two.

eastwick022109Last but not least is Jaime Ray Newman plays Kat Gardener on the new Boreanaz produced show Eastwick which I tried to watch one time because Christian Kane’s right hand man Steve Carlson was on the show for about three seconds singing a Madonna cover but I honestly can’t comment on the show.  It didn’t interest me enough to tune in again but you probably recognize her from her other Christian Kane connection.  That one time when they got it on in a barn stall, she played Eliot Spencer’s love that got away Aimee Martin in the Leverage episode The Two-Horse Job.  Or perhaps you know her from one of her stints on almost ever other show ever.  (SPN, VMars, Heroes, Mental, Eureka, Bones…) Based solely on costume and set design I’m guessing her character on Eastwick is also a Doctor, oh so different.

I guess it’s a type that’s ‘in’ right now but I’d rather see some feathers shaken and throw in a red head heroine on the FBI or just flat out cancel Mercy.  That would work too.  Either way, something’s goin on here.



~ by doublebitch on November 5, 2009.

One Response to “Rub-a-dub-dub Four Blondes in a Tub”

  1. 24’s got the redhead in the FBI covered with Agent Renee Walker, who is awesome.

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