Supernatural Kills Bloggers

356Run for your lives fellow Bloggers! Eric Kripke and Co are out to get you.  This long careful plan was put in place long before anyone would realize.  Perhaps it was in the stars from the beginning of time but it’s how it’s just got to be.  There’s no denying that they’ve pulled out all the stops this year to make the 5th and potentially final season better and better each week leaving poor bloggers like us with mouths gaping and empty webspace.  There’s just nothing to say.  When something is good, our culture of nagging, picking at and making fun of is at a standstill.

On top of packing in better and better episodes each week they had to go and put the final nail in the bloggers coffin.  They created the ultimate television show.  If I could make a show, that’s exactly what would happen each week.  An hour of poking fun at other shows, while continuing an epic arc, adding new information and finding that perfect ballance between humor and serious plot.  Top it all off with Jensen Ackles and you’ve got the show of a lifetime.33

“Changing Channels” kept me laughing so hard I’ll have to wait for the DVD to hear the parts I missed.  The show has finally found that balance and combined their two types of episodes into one.  The actors looked like they were having a great time and in turn so was the audience.  I’m not sure how much comedy we can expect as this season spirals closer to the big finish but even if we don’t, this week has fully made up for it.

5612Viva la Kripke



~ by doublebitch on November 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Supernatural Kills Bloggers”

  1. I did find it weird that years ago I read a story where Sam became the Impala, and now it’s canon.

  2. sigh my comment was too dirty

  3. I disagree – I think that the show is doing wonders for bloggers, forcing them to find something with substance to blog about rather than to use 1’000 words to complain about how crappy a show has gotten 😛

  4. Yeah that or people revert to straight out reviews/replays. There’s so much to think about but then you also run the risk of having to eat your words.

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