On Californication Season Three

Watching this week’s episode the other day, it dawned on me that we’re now over halfway through the third season of Californication. While the show’s been pretty hilarious this season (I’d say maybe even a tad moreso than HIMYM), you’d think by the time we reached the halfway point there would be some sort of obvious seasonal arc to the show. The first scalifornication fondaeason it was Hank trying to get back together with Karen, the second season he wrote Leoben’s biography. This season, I thought the arc was going to be about Hank’s job as a professor, but whole episodes have gone by without even mentioning that, and the same has happened for pretty much all the plot threads they’ve got going.

As I said, the show’s really funny this season, so that’s good. But I kinda really like plot progression and story arcs, and this inverted-The-Office syndrome is starting to annoy me. With only five episodes left in the season, I’m not really expecting anything to tie all the various aspects of the season together to materialize BSG-style, either.

At least it’s still awesome to hear Duchovny say ‘motherfucker’.



~ by Jerk on November 11, 2009.

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