The Con is On

Rising in popularity every year, Fan Conventions of all kinds are springing up all over the place for all kinds of things.  This week has been especially active in terms of TV Fan Conventions.

The teams behind Leverage have announced that tickets for their first ever fan convention are on sale now.  Fans of the TNT show crashed the server in their rush to get tickets to this exclusive and first ever Leverage event.  While one can expect to play quite a lot more for a pass to a specialized convention than to say a SDCC or FanExpo type event, they provide an action packed weekend and serious perks for those willing and able to fork over the cash – Think Q&A’s, photo ops, autographs, dinners and a set tour.   I’m honestly still toying with the idea of making the trip way over to Portland  (if not just to see Kane perform which I have no doubt he will).  I’ll keep you posted.  Until then, you can show off by picking up your own tickets at

winchesters(1)This coming Saturday is one of my favorite ones to keep up with over the past few years, Creation Cons’ Salute to Supernatural happening in Chicago for the third year in a row.  This one is especially well attended and was the first official con dedicated to Supernatural to actually come to fruition.  It’s also very well documented via videos posted on youtube within hours, twitter archives and like all things Supernatural, is indexed in the fandom’s wikipedia – Super-wiki

Add on top of that tonight’s episode of Supernatural where Sam and Dean will attend a very meta Supernatural fan convention and you’ve got a week for cons.  I, and many other fans are extremely cautious about tonight’s episode, worrying that the show will teeter off that thin line of fan service to mocking.  Thus far, I’ve loved most of the fan service, short of some of the early ‘we’re not gay’ jokes and every time I’ve ever been worried about an episode of Supernatural I’ve been proved horribly wrong.  Here’s to tonight doing the same.


cylon.redP.S.  All this talk of Creation Con brings up thoughts of Aaron Douglas of BSG’s boycot of the event company and if anybody knows cons it’s Arron.  I’m pretty sure he lived off them for an entire year.   Aren’t they also the people who let a fake soldier on stage to present fake coins to Jared and Jensen last year?  This does not inspire the same hope as Kripke


~ by doublebitch on November 12, 2009.

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