The Great Greg Daniels Swap

parks 03Back when the first season of Parks and Recreation ended, I said that the show had barely, baaaarely shown enough potential for me to be a return viewer in the second season. The first four episodes weren’t much more than ‘The Other Office’ and meh eps to boot, but then 105 and 106 were actually pretty good, so I gave the show a second chance. We’re now nine episodes into the second season, and holy crap if they didn’t fix pretty much every problem I had with the show! And I don’t mean like, they’ve fixed them by this point, I mean they were fixed at the start of the season and they’ve stayed gold each and every ep.

The group of characters not only feel different from those of The Office, but they also feel like quirks aside, they could have the jobs they do. The only one who comes off as really dumb is Andy, and he’s been a failed musician/homeless guy living in a pit/shoeshine boy. The cast is also a fair bit smaller than that of The Office  (even with the addition of Jerry as a more major character, who is awesome), so with almost every ep everyone gets a good moment.

bagelsNow let’s look at Greg Daniels’ other show. In the middle of last season it really felt like the show had fell into a routine, and it was getting pretty bland. Then they introduced Charles Miner and did the whole Michael Scott Paper Company arc, which I really liked. It was a different style from what The Office usually was, and it worked to make the end of the season much better. Still not as good as the heights it had reached in previous seasons, but better. Then this season started.

All the suck and the ‘barely good enough to keep watching’ ness of the first season of P+R was somehow transferred to The Office. This season has been terribly unimpressive, with only 607 being what I would consider an acceptable episode and even that one wasn’t stellar. Last season I realized that the awkward comedy that would make Michael’s scenes almost hard to watch at times is long gone now, and they’d made him even dumber than he was to begin with. With this season it’s become even worse, and now Dwight is starting to become really dumb too. The whole Dwight/Andy plot from last week was horrible, as was Dwight’s reasoning. He brought bagels, therefore they’d fire their boss? I mean even Michael is at the same level in the company as Jim now, so nobody there was able to fire him! So, sooo dumb.

parks 04Okay, that turned a bit ranty. It’s just frustrating when 18 months ago I would have said that The Office was hands down my favourite sitcom I watched, and now it’s in a race with BBT to be the worst (and BBT has been pretty consistent in quality all along). At this point I really don’t see The Office turning itself around, I think it’s gone on too long. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been with the show for 100 episodes now, I’d probably drop it.

I don’t know how P+R grabbed up all of The Office’s awesome, but it did and honestly I’d rather it keep being good than see The Office return to form at this point.



~ by Jerk on November 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Great Greg Daniels Swap”

  1. Maybe this just naturally happens. As I’m watching through the end of Alias you can tell so clearly that J.J. was focused elsewhere and the show suffered for it.

  2. Yeah, he basically went from Alias season 3 to Lost, I think. Though Lost hasn’t had the same problem with Fringe starting up, because J.J. never had as big of a role in Lost (I think due to MI:3), it’s been mainly Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse running the show.

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