Cameron Leaves the House

521house-cameronI am a fairweather friend to the show House, I try and try and even vow that I’m going to watch it instead of Heroes but I never actually get around to doing it.  Even when Heroes is busy getting back to their old habits, House gets to be my man on the side.

This generally happens to me with shows I know are going to be solid but not epic week in and week out.  Up until now, I have been on board with the decisions the House writers have chosen to make.  Along with many other viewers I was concerned with the whole “House is crazy” direction but they made it work.  Thanks greatly to Hugh Laurie being able to make the character so believeable and some of the functionally disfunctional relationships of the show.

Now I think they’re going a little too far.  It started with Chase killing a man.  Woah.  Yeah, I know, and has now peeked with Cameron leaving for that reason and vowing that she was in love with house.  Maybe I missed something but this felt way out in left field and sources say the actress felt the same way.

I don’t understand why cuddy needs a new boyfriend or why Cameron needs to be so bi-polar.  Cameron and Chase have become the Derek/Meredith of Princeton?Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.  Yeah that one just rings doesn’t it?  For a show that somehow makes epilepsy balls seem like a serious and believable condition, they had a hard time selling this one.

It’s kinda sad when you can’t get me to believe something on a Monday night, I mean, Clare can re-generate her entire foot and that only made me raise an eyebrow.  Shouldn’t she start stock piling parts for research or a rainy day?



~ by doublebitch on November 17, 2009.

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