Funny Ted is Funny

I felt the need to commemorate this week’s ep of HIMYM, because (as you probably figured out by the title) Ted was actually really funny in it! As much as I love the show, it’s kinda odd how the main character is the least funny one. He’s usually either emo or douchey instead of being funny, and the funny is mainly carried by Marshall and Barney (I could go on about how Lily and Robin drive the plot more then they bring the funny, but that’s a post of its own).

ted chicken fingersI think the reason for the lack of Funny Ted is that somebody has to be the straight guy, and out of the group that’s obviously Ted. But when you give Barney the job of driving the narrative/sitting in the corner in a scuba suit, it frees up Ted to join Marshall in mocking Robin, or shove things in his mouth. Another possibility for the lack of Funny Ted may be that the line between Funny Ted and Douchey Ted can very much be context-based. When you have the right situation, as happened this week, Ted can shine.

Personally, I’d say the Ted highlight from the ep was going for the pound with Marshall about being able to stuff even more in his mouth now.

Boy does that sound gay taken out of context, huh?



~ by Jerk on November 18, 2009.

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