Supernatural – Jim Beaver is a Jackass

castiel-on-supernaturalFirst things first, Jim Beaver is a jackass.  (Whole picture HERE) Okay, not really.  I don’t think he’s a jackass but that wasn’t nice, Jim!

Mark Sheppard kissing a man was totally gratuitous and amazing.  Is it possible that Kripke’s true hidden talent isn’t pure awesome but the power of gay?  Either way, we love it.

Can we also take a moment to love on the show and Misha for how amazing Cas looked tonight?  The way he moved in and out of things was much smoother tonight than it has been in the past and I love it.  Very cool and extra angelic.

In response to our “Random Question # Supernatural” we finally have an answer about just what exactly the colt will kill, well sorta.  We know it’s not Lucy, and well 4 other things.  I wonder why this wasn’t something that played in more prevalently for Sam and Dean.  Either way, it was nice to have it acknowledged and so soon.

I can’t honestly believe we’re seeing the showdown so early in the season.  Supernatural has always been good for not dragging things on.  Let’s take this as a good sign though, leaving a lot of space open for the boys to prove they’ve got something more and to show us that season 6 is not so crazy of a concept after all.

And finally, this cant go by without a shout out to our fallen sisters.  It’s too bad that the girls just cant stay alive.  I loved the way they went about this.  Honestly, there were tears.  I’m so glad to see Dean finally really give the relationship what it deserved.  The poor Harville family gave everything to the Winchesters so I guess it was fitting to go out this way.  It adds a sense of finality to these episodes, emphasizing the seriousness and the weight of the home stretch of the Winchester saga.

Jared and Jensen promised 5.10 would pack a punch and it sure delivered.  Now pass me the tissues.



~ by doublebitch on November 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Supernatural – Jim Beaver is a Jackass”

  1. “The poor Harville family gave everything to the Winchesters so I guess it was fitting to go out this way.”

    You said that perfectly. 🙂

  2. The episode was pretty good, Misha looked beautiful as Cas and Ellen was fabulous as always. Jo even showed that she is indeed half her mothers daughter.

    But other than that, I was disappointed. Too many ‘funny’ episodes killed the momentum and the build up for this was non-existent. There were good moments too, but that’s just it, they were moments. It’s sad, but rewatch of seasons 2 and 3 sounds a lot more appealing than watching a new episode of season 5.

  3. I think the funny episodes of the season were in a great place. There were a calm light hearted ease into what is looking like the beginning of a massive shit storm. This show is not the same without what are essentially one comedy episodes and I think by Christmas we will see that the first half of the season are definitely where they needed to be.

    Now for my episode comment. Considering what we know about the 4 horse (power) men of the apocalypse I think it is very awesome that the devil revealed the location of what will likely be the final showdown.

  4. Yeah I gotta say I think the light episodes have been really important to the overall feel of the season. And for being considered ‘comedy’ eps, they have all had some major plot moving info put into each ep. I’ve been very impressed with their ability to mix the two, it’s just that we’ve been left with memories of Sam’s stds instead of the weight of the situation.

    I think we’d all be bummed out about the season if every episode was really grasping the weight of what’s going on – like Dean told off the fans in real ghostbusters – being sam and dean really sucks.

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