Gleeks Lost on the way to Secitionals

gleek2This week I found out someone I work with is a fellow Gleek.  What could be more exciting than having someone to talk to about great tv, while getting paid?  It was great but as we got to talking she pointed out something that I hadn’t even really noticed.

GleeCastNow the concept that there are plot holes in the Glee premise is not shocking.  I mean, one of the main story lines is a woman faking a pregnancy and not getting caught.. yet, but this is something that should raise more red flags than it has.  The group is constantly practicing for sectionals and solos and duets, throwing new songs and numbers on every week but we never see any of these competitions.   While I assume this has something to do with the moviesque budget you’d need to put on such an episode this is something that could be easily eluded to or at least straightened out with a single line of dialogue like “Geez guys, only 5 more weeks till sectionals and everything we’ve done so far sucks.”

I guess, if we’re to assume it’s all still coming up, they better have one hell of an episode coming for the competition which I’d assume wraps up the season.



~ by doublebitch on November 28, 2009.

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