Jerk's V Fall Wrap-up

This past week’s episode of V was the last one we’ll be seeing until the spring, and I think it had pretty much the perfect ending for a midseason finale. I liked the first two eps, but it was the third and fourth that really sold me on the new show.

v 001First of all, I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed this kind of show, that ‘rebels fighting against a secret alien invasion’ scifi subgenre. Things like the original V, Earth: Final Conflict, and The Invaders have a certain conceptual appeal that keeps my interest, even when their execution is really really really badly done (I’ll never forget J Street talking about a computer’s “digital S-TRAM”), and to be honest outside of certain X-Files or Outer Limits episodes, this is really the first time I’ve seen this kind of show pulled off competently.

Even things I was sure I’d hate when the show started (read: Tyler) turned out really well. The sinister nature of the V’s doesn’t hinder the sense of wonder that come from the scenes where he gets to interact with aliens/alien tech at all. I was totally grinning when he got to see the engine room. Now a couple random asides while I’m on the subject of Tyler: 1.) Logan Huffman looks a lot like Sean Maher (Simon from Firefly) with a sprinkling of Jared Leto on top, so it’s almost like there are 2.5 members of Serenity’s crew in V 2.) I’m really hoping he ends up siding with the V’s when he learns the truth (whatever that is, I really like that we don’t know why the V’s need us alive yet).

v 002All of this isn’t to say I think the show’s perfect. I really wish they would have held off on Alan Tudyk’s heel turn until the third episode or so, just to make it more shocking. I’d also like to have a bigger cast of non-rebel V’s on the show, three seems a little light. Not main characters or anything, but at least recurring, speaking roles. Oh, and the mother/daughter pair having a five-year age difference is kinda weird, but I guess they’re just wearing meatsuits. These are just minor quibbles really, I’m liking V and with the loss of BSG and SCC (and the upcoming loss of Dollhouse), it’s easily my favourite sci-fi show on right now. Sorry, SGU.

Oh and Will? I’m totally seeing an opportunity for a bad puppet of an alien baby with this whole pregnancy thing! Also, Michael Ironside as John May? Though I guess Marc Singer would make more sense.



~ by Jerk on November 30, 2009.

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