Raising the Bar Gets Canned

hairThis week TNT declared that they will not be renewing Raising the Bar.  I’m honestly disappointed with this decision from a fan, – content based position.  I understand it was strategically inevitable with the numbers it was pulling but the show was good.   It featured great characters, interesting story lines, great guests and awesome hair. What more can you ask for?

That said, I have no idea what happened in the summer finale.  I had to actually go back and check to see if TNT did, in fact, owe us a few more episodes.  The folks behind Raising the Bar consistently missed on creating a solid ending to anything so don’t expect much closure when the show comes to an end in the new year.

Maybe it was a style they were going for, perhaps the idea that the work never ends, crime and justice never sleep and neither do lawyers.  Stylistically, I could understand this but as a show its disappointing to already know that even if they’d had the heads up, we probably wouldn’t have got a good rounded ending.

I loved almost the entire cast of Raising the Bar and I really hope to see them pop up on other shows sooner than later.  I truly thought this was MPG’s comeback show and even if it only lasted two season, I think it should still be considered as such.  I’d also like to see J August Richards on something big and rewarding after all these years though I’m starting to wonder if Autum Reeser is a show killer.  I’ve loved her in every role I’ve seen her in but she can’t seem to land a steady living gig to save her life.

Most of all, I think I’ll miss the sweet Raising the Bar games on the TNT website.

Best Wishes to all involved.



~ by doublebitch on December 2, 2009.

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