Now Who Will Die in the Season Finale?

This week’s episode of Heroes brought with it the death of Nathan Petrelli. For reals this time. No, really. As such, this marks an historic turning point for the show, as they will no longer be able to kill him in their season finale.

A quick rundown for those who hadn’t noticed the trend: Season One, Nathan flies Explody Pete into the sky, then boom. Season Two, he gets shot giving a press conference. Season Three, Sylar slits his throat. Three finales, three Pasdar deaths.

So anyway, now that He of the Awesome Hair is dead (fittingly killed by the guy with the second best hair on the show), I’m hoping this represents a departure from the standard Heroes formula. A major death to symbolize the putting to bed of trips to/visions of the Future Doom to be avoided, shocking and random good/bad reversals for characters, killing off all the interesting new characters, and all of the other things the show has been doing over and over. To be fair the show does seem to have broken the ‘the world will be destroyed’ plot with Samuel as the big bad, though I still have no idea what he’s planning, so I could be wrong.dying man

While I’m sad to see Pasdar go, because he’s awesome, I do feel that his story had come to an end. Hell, he stayed on the show for eleven episodes after he was dead! That’s almost more post-death eps than Denny!



~ by Jerk on December 2, 2009.

One Response to “Now Who Will Die in the Season Finale?”

  1. I was happy with the departure, short of the way too long slow-mo fall of transformationy-death. Granted, this still leaves him in there..kinda someplace maybe. I believe he’s really dead but i’m not sure we’ve seen the end of his influence.

    There were a few minutes there where I wasn’t sure they actually remembered whos body they were in and what exactly had been done with Nathan, but thankfully they straightened it out in the end.

    This was a great throwback to earlier times. Honestly, if you’d taken out the carnival stuff.. which im still struggling to see as ‘evil’, this could have served as a decent or atleast acceptable series ending. Mostly everyone else is gone or missing, Mr Muggles has a mate and we got one good Petrelli/Sylar showdown with a good clifhanger ending. I would have been happy.

    It also brought things back to the main triangle that used to really work for the show. Peter, Nathan, Sylar. or even just Peter, Sylar. I hope we’ll see more of that.

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