Comcast takes on NBC Universal

nbc_universal_enters_stock_photo_businessOne of the big news stories today is that Comcast has proposed to buy a controlling share of NBC Universal. This isn’t shocking news, or really all that unexpected since they’ve been talking about it since September, but the cable providing giant is planning the strategic takeover from current owners General Electric.

It’s funny how things you’d never expect to be related can have an effect on each other. NBC as a network is having a hard go at it these days, creatively, as a unit and I’m guessing financially, since everyone is.. except comcast apparently. NBC is ranking in at 4th of the major networks and even comcast is clear to say that it’s greatest asset comes with its specialty channels like siffy and the weather network. I think it’s time for big change all around in the Television industry. Much like music started to deal with years ago, they’re struggling to find where the market is taking them and that fine balance between what the masses want and how to make money off it. Ah God Bless America!

Comcast_marchI’ve spent some time recently pondering why art is a capitalist venture, why are they businesses? when did this happen and who’s idea was it? Maybe it was necessary, especially in the vein of film which can get expensive and requires masses of people to project. I guess it was probably the invention of sound recording that started us on this ridiculous slope. Damn you, Science! I say we all go the way of the Cylons and .. wait.. this is a TV Blog. I’d ruin everything I love. Never mind.

There are a lot of worries about this monopoly-esqe business venture with people commenting witty things like “Now we will be able to get bad service and bad television from the same provider!”. But what I think most people are concerned about is how long will they be able to keep the distinction between cable provider and network? If something like this were to happen in Canada, it would be terrible for one, but it would directly address this “TV TAX” problem that they’ve been fighting over for the past few months on our TV screens.

Clearly this is an issue everywhere but real tv fans wanna know What does this mean for 30 rock and the microwave division?!

– DoubleBitch


~ by doublebitch on December 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Comcast takes on NBC Universal”

  1. Can we handle another 30 Rock joke? I think we can:

    The Sheinhardt Wig Company will crush those unruly Comcast fools.

  2. Just throwing it out there, I’m going to blame the Greeks and their statues for making art a capitalist venture.

    The fact that specialty stations are the only good thing NBC has to offer is very similar to the situation with Global right now. The specialty stations they acquired from Alliance Atlantis a few year back (Food, HGTV, ect) has been the only thing keeping Canwest afloat, but it is also one of the major contributing factors to them being in the predicament they are in.

    Global is seeing a slight resurgence however. This is due to a couple things:
    1) the turn around of their schedule: Global went down to Hollywood this year with open wallets and were able to secure some very strong shows like Glee and NCIS: LA (People love their shitty cop procedurals).
    2) Canada has a new system implemented in the major cities for measuring audience numbers. They are more accurate than the previous system and since it launched in September Global has seen their ratings improve much more than CTV.

  3. Not only do people love crappy copshows but they especially love chris odonnel for some reason. I tried to watch NCIS LA and i couldnt do it. Terrible. Granted, I’m depending on this to make the bridge survive next year. But you’re right. They did step up their programming while networks like CTV and City seem to have gone out of their way to make theirs bad. It’s sad that SUNTV is one of my go-to channels

    2 is a very cool fact I had no idea about.

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