Basking in the Whedony Goodness

It may have been over a month since Dollhouse was last on and, yeah okay so it kinda got canceled during that downtime, but I’ll be damned if either of those things had any effect on my enjoyment of the two eps we got on Friday.

dollhouse 14It’s weird, but there are normally two responses I have when a show I watch gets canceled with episodes yet to air, and strangely neither of  them applies to Dollhouse. First up, there are the shows where I’ll watch each and every ep right away, counting down the few remaining hours of the series’ life with a combination of anger and sadness coursing through me. The other type are shows where I’ll hoard the remaining episodes and be saddened by the loss, keeping them for nights when I feel like having a wake for the series.

With Dollhouse, neither of these things has happened. Instead I found myself basking in the titular Whedony Goodness as I watched 205 and 206. It was like putting on a nice comfy sweater, and the fact that two months from now the sweater will be gone doesn’t matter because it’s so damn good and comfy!

I think my metaphor is broken.

Okay, those two standard responses I outlined above? They’re basically me dealing with the show’s death, but with Dollhouse I’ve been preparing for that since… oh about a year before it premiered. And honestly, dollhouse 15the show getting a second season at all was something of a gift from FOX, considering the ratings it was pulling in. Even getting to finish the first season had the show surpassing my worst-case scenario (see: Drive). And considering it no longer had SCC as its Friday night partner in crime for the second season, even being a huuuuge Whedonite I wasn’t shocked in the least when the news broke.

None of this is to say I didn’t want the show to continue, I mean this week’s eps were really solid: two Whedonverse alums stopping by, hot nerdcrushing, DeWitt grabbing the Devil’s balls, Keith Carradine, and Enver Gjokaj continuing to show why he’s the best actor on the show by far. Several more seasons would have been amazing.

But we didn’t get them, and I think what it comes down to is the fact that I was, for once well and truly prepared for a show’s demise, and this is letting me fully enjoy these final episodes in a way I haven’t with any canceled show in the past.



~ by Jerk on December 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Basking in the Whedony Goodness”

  1. It didn’t have SCC but it did have a decent lead in with Smallville, I thought at least. I dont think shows should depend on other networks to provide their lead ins but this one probably worked out. Anybody still watching Smallville is probably of the Dollhouse watching persuasion.

    I did catch some of this weeks Dollhouse eps. I’m guessing the second one, considering I didnt see Keith. Somehow that saddens me. Oh and Wesley’s accent bothered me.

  2. It’s Spike Syndrome, because that’s how he actually talks.

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