Lipstick on the White Collar

White-Collar-Matthew-Bomer-1I fell in love with this show within the first episode.  I was engaged within the first 30 seconds.  Now that is how you make a pilot.  If you’ve missed this short half season run that finished airing this week (only 7 episodes) I totally recommend catching up, as I will be myself.  The show is about a master criminal who is helping the FBI find other criminals.  At first I really thought it was rather Leverage-esque but as the pilot developed it was more of a Castle feel, neither a bad thing.

Right off the bat you’ve got engaging characters.  How great is Matthew Bomer?  (also seen recently on Chuck)  He’s charismatic, witty and really pretty to look at.  He reminds me of what Tom Welling could be doing if they’d ever let him grow up.   Head FBI agent is played by Tim DeKay whom you might remember from Carnivale or I would if I ever watched more than the second episode – ooh holiday goal!  Other familiar faces are Tiffany Thiessen who as apparently dropped the “Amber” from her name to be less stripper like.  It’s worked!  Also, the lady who played Burke’s horrific mother on Greys appears.  Oh oh and can’t forget a stellar guest spot by Mark Sheppard.

The show catches you with the characters then throws an interesting, although not entirely original concept on them.  We’ve got the bad guy helping the good guy but there’s also a love story involved with our bad guy brokenhearted after his true love left him.  Mystery! intrigue!

They’ve set up a show I want to see again, stories I care to find out where they go and from what I’ve heard across the twitterverse the first half of the first season was stellar.

Did you watch it?  What did you think?  Anyone want to catch up with me?



~ by doublebitch on December 6, 2009.

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