White Collar Welcomes some Characters

WhiteCollarYes, yes, it’s time for another White Collar post. Hey, don’t look at me. I’m not the one who decides that everyone’s too busy around the holidays for TV. Ba humbug! I always have time for TV and lots of it. And that’s why you love me, isn’t it? Don’t answer that. My love for the pilot is still in tact and I do fully enjoy the show as I’m pushing my way towards the final but with two episodes left to the fall season, I thought it was a good time to look back.

There’s always that one thing that gets changed from the pilot to the actual filming of the series. Sometimes it’s simply a change in the breed of dog, like in Veronica Mars or sometimes a role is recast. In this case, I’m not so upset about the role being recast as I am about them changing a rather significant fact about the character in the process.

In the pilot, name name, a up and coming FBI agent, Agent Cruz and she was a lesbian. I really enjoyed this character and the dynamic that it allowed to play between her and Caffrey. He thinks she’s hot, hits on her, never stands a chance. I thought it was funny, but maybe it was a one time joke. I think the more things that a character as powerful as Caffrey can’t get his hands on are great story points and important character building factors but apparently I’m alone on this.

Now Agent Cruz has been recast with Natalie Morales in the role. I like her, I do but they’ve decided to go the flirtatious route and they’re not doing it as well as we’re seeing it done on other shows, like.. the very similar, Castle. I don’t feel like Caffrey needs a romantic interest at this time. The character is still chasing after his true love and getting to hit on women left and right through each of the investigations.

In my first post I said this show was leverage-esque but there’s one major thing that Leverage does that this show can’t. It’s sexy. Matthew Bomer is a stud, no question but in 1.05 he lifted a key off a lady and it wasn’t sexy. It wasn’t sleek and it wasn’t impressive. I could feel somebody up and get something out of their pocket too but Parker would do it with style and you’d never even know you met her. That’s -part of- what makes Leverage hot.

The USA network’s slogan is Characters Welcome. I like it, and they’re right. Their characters are their strongest point. I’m finding myself not really that interested in the cases. Short of Mark Sheppard and the dad from Little Mosque, I’m not finding the crimes or criminals all that thrilling. I’m there week to week to see what the characters will do. It worries me that I wonder if this story would be better set as a movie.

I’ve heard there’s a major twist ending and perhaps some changes in how the show is approached for the rest of the season. I look forward to both of these and I’d love to see this get a second season.



~ by doublebitch on December 9, 2009.

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