While DB has been using the Holiday Showness Slowdown to start a White Collar, I’ve also discovered a new show: Grey’s Anatomy!

Well okay not so much discovered as I’d only watched the two-hour premiere of the sixth season, and now I’m playing catch-up. But still! More watching of stuff during the slow patch, it totally counts, right? I just finished 605, and felt a bit of celebration was in order.

sad izzie

Izzie got fired! Whoooo!!! And not just downsized because of the merger, actually ‘please stop working here because you suck’ fired! I am so happy to have seen that! Of course now she’s left Alex due to her standard anti-logic super-emo crap, so I’m sure we’ll have that whole thing going on, but I’m not going to let that spoil my fun. Does it make up for George getting hit by a fucking bus? No. Does it make up for Izzie not dying from her terminal cancer? Actually kinda, yeah. It was also pretty great how her defense was “Dude, I’ve done things waaaay more patient-killy and malpractice-suitable in the past!” And somehow she was shocked when this didn’t earn her job back.

I’ve been longing for someone, anyone on Grey’s to acknowledge how crazy (not ‘haha quirky’ crazy but ‘I should clearly not be allowed to practice medicine’ crazy) Izzie is since… oh somewhere early in the third season. It may have taken three years to get what I wanted, but it happened. The fact that said acknowledgment came at the cost of her job is just a bonus. Hell, this ep didn’t even have any Eric Dane in it and I didn’t mind!

zehetnerIt may have taken me a while to start watching again after the one-two punch of a truly bad fifth season and the sixth starting out with George dying and Izzie living, but now that I’m a few eps in I’m actually enjoying Grey’s again. It isn’t as good as the heights of yesteryear, but it isn’t bad and that’s an improvement. Oh and adding Nora Friggin’ Zehetner to the cast? I heart whoever was responsible for that bit of casting, hopefully she’ll stick around for a while.

And considering I’m late to the party, if Izzie is re-hired in 609 or something, please don’t tell me. Let me enjoy the Zehetnery goodness for a day or two.



~ by Jerk on December 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Exeunt”

  1. Greys has been.. less awful? i dont know. It hasnt been an amazing year, nothing like it used to be but it hasnt been terrible. I was and still am iffy about the whole merger thing as they seem to be using it as a plot point they didnt really need. None of us watch for the finances of the hospital, or the hierarchy of the management.. we could just deal with alchy chief and liverless Mer, cancer Izzy and well..whatevers wrong with Yang now.

    the addition of the new kids is good, mostly because every time they’ve done it before at least one or two good ones stick around, (Little grey, guy whos got big hair and is having a baby with other one that got laid off guy)

  2. I agree on all points. Chief has been a dick all season, I really don’t want the show focusing on ‘zomg hospital needs teh monies’, I’m liking all the new kids, and I don’t think anyone actually knows that dude’s name (other than #2).

    It hasn’t been amazing, but it’s been okay. Better than last season, and better than season three, but nowhere near the first two seasons.

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