'Tis the Season

We’ve got our Fancy Festive Header up (I wanted a shot of the SuiSanta from Lexmas, but he just wasn’t cropping well to our widescreen header), but I felt that alone wasn’t enough holiday cheer so I thought I’d share something I found last year around this time.

It turns out that every year since the pilot aired, the Venture Bros crew have released a Christmas MP3 over at Quickstop Entertainment featuring various characters (though most commonly The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend and Henchmen 21 &24) singing, often with a bit of skit as lead-up to the song. There are five up currently (last year’s is here and the rest are all nicely venture bros 004linked on this page, for those who don’t want to go a’searching) and I’m assuming we’ll see another one pop up this year a few days before Christmas, if Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick haven’t been too busy finishing the fourth season.

These have all been, with one exception, covers of bad Christmas songs, which honestly just makes the whole thing even funnier. The one good song (Fairytale of New York) switches the male and female parts as to better suit The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend’s voices. Oh, and did I mention the choices all tie in nicely to where the show was as of that Christmas? Yeah.

So if you’re a Venture Bros fan, help yourself to some sweet Christmas tunes. And if you aren’t, 1.) why the hell not? 2.) help yourself to some sweet Christmas tunes anyway.



~ by Jerk on December 12, 2009.

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