J/DB's 12 Days of Lists – Day 10 – Most Indicitave Hair

Welcome to Day 10 – Top Three Most Indicative Hair Changes of 2009


He may be slightly late-great now but Raising the Bar’s Jerry Kellerman’s hair was the Felicity of the season.  One way to start things off with a bang is to take a running joke and character indicator and cut it off.  Our beloved Jerry went from lusciously scandalous locks to Wall Street Chic in the season 2 opener of TNT’s RtB.  This began a new chapter for Jerry, showing his grown up side.  It also tipped off fans that the show was about to branch off, focusing more on the other members of the cast and bring in a few more ‘mature’ themes, like affairs, crazy drug addict doctor husbandy guys and ceiling fan + belt = suicide.


Leverage49Our second hair to show guide is Christian Kane‘s Eliot Spencer on Leverage.  He of the badass hair showed that the show was getting a little more loose, but always carefully in control at the same time.   We’ve talked about how integral Kane’s hair is to most of his roles but for this one especially, fans have taken to keeping record of a Hair Watch, commenting on the various styles it takes through each episode.  I’m talking more on a general level. In 2008 we saw a shorter, highlighted, slightly layered and feathered, cautious network hair style but as the episodes rolled on they allowed Kane to grow it out and have his way.  To me this shows trust in the actors, in the fans and the good ole adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.


Finally, Lois Lane has returned to her saucy raven haired self after about 4 years of edging herself out of the blondesque shades.  At the time, Season 4, I think it was about not having the two women in Clark’s life both be dark haired – even though that is a stupid reason.  Maybe if they’d cast someone awesome and redheaded as Lana Lang we never would have run into this problem.  Durance looks killer with her new hue and marks the entrance of the Clois love we’ve all been waiting for.  Okay, at least I’ve been waiting for.  Lois is also acting more Lois-y by the minute and I’m enjoying it a lot.  The darker hair is just one of the many awesome things that reflect Smallville’s commitment to actually moving forward for the first time in a long time.  Maybe next year I’ll be able to do the top three tights of the year.  A girl can dream.

Honorable mentions for rockin hair of 2009 include all of the women in Rick Castle’s life, Sookie and Jessica on True Blood and Sue Sylvester, Puck and Emma Pilsburry from Glee.



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