J/DB's 12 Days of Lists – Day 8 – Best Deaths

A whole year of TV is a lot to take in when talking about a major action like a death.  We lost lots of characters over the year, considering it encompasses the end of the last season and the start of a new one, but here are my top 3.  (Warning, totally spoilery)

NUP_107035_0243Tory – Battlestar Galactica.  There were so many worthy deaths or ends as Ron Moore’s vision of Galactica wound to an end (finally) but as far as just deserts, Tory’s demise was by far the most gratifying.  It closed the circle of the women of Chief’s harem offing each other and also ended the whole cylon party too, at least for now.  Who knows what the next hundred thousand years will bring?  I also liked this because, well lets face it, Tory was only ever a replacement Billy.  Sometimes I like to think back and pretend that Billy was still there and that Paul Campbell wasn’t the most retarded actor on earth.

Goodbye-goddrick-true-blood-7718816-624-352Godric/Exploding Bodyguard Guy – True Blood brought us some stunning visuals this year and I’m not just talking about Ryan Kwanten very naked.  Exploding Bodyguard guy has to top my list of the execution of a death.  There was goo everywhere.  I loved it, but the death they really gave us was Godric.  It was meaningful and beautiful and I sobbed like a baby.  His presence on the show was breif but his sacrafice will leave an effect on how the characters move forward in season 3.

EllenJoAlight, one more two-fer, Ellen and Jo Harvelle on Supernatural went out only a few weeks ago and while they’re maybe not the most significant characters in the larger picture but they are the first of the inner family to die that wasn’t doomed to die – ie. not Winchesters.  We expect the Winchesters to die and they have and probably will again at least one more time but the Harvelles didn’t have to go out.  They also finished the fate cycle of their whole family to die while trying to help the Winchesters, maybe they were just the only family with the foresight to know they’re our only hope.  Jo and Ellen also got to go out as heroes like they deserved.  It wasn’t overblown with pomp or slow motion, it was tastefully set with just enough reflection for us to see the real realtionships they had with the boys, especially both women with Dean.   Finally, blowing up in a building while sending hell hounds back to hell is a pretty badass way to go.

Runner ups include the controversial Jimmy Olsen on Smallville and Cavil on BSG

It should be noted that this list does not include awesome characters that died like George O’Maley or characters that died in a meh way like Nathan Petrelli and Ruby.



~ by doublebitch on December 18, 2009.

One Response to “J/DB's 12 Days of Lists – Day 8 – Best Deaths”

  1. I’d say Derek Reese’s death in T:SCC would be on my list, absolutely no buildup whatsoever, to the point that when it first happens you don’t really realize he’s dead until a little later on.

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