J/DB's 12 Days of Lists – Day 7 – Worst Deaths

Normally we’ve been starting off these lists with a bit of an explanation, but the reasons that make these the worst deaths are case specific, so let’s just say this list is complementary to DB’s last one and get to the dead people!

breauendo1.) Daphne Millbrook

Okay, you’re saying ‘but Jerk, her death was done really well and Cold Snap was easily in the Heroes top 5’. Well, yes that’s all true. What lands Brea’s exit on the list is how the show immediately glossed over her character and her relationship with Matt. No mourning time, just right into ‘oh look your wife and surprise Super Baby!’ which was the most horrible thing they could possibly do. They managed to make me okay with them killing off the only good character to be introduced in season three dammit! Post-death screwage, grrr.

faraday2.) Daniel Faraday

Daniel’s death was pretty much the only weak point for me in the fifth season of Lost, and to make matters worse it came in The Variable, which I’d been looking forward to for months based solely on the connection to The Constant. To have the episode be a disappointment was…. disappointment enough (Go Go Gadget Writer!), but to have Daniel killed in such a lame, arbitrary way… terrible. It almost seemed like they were just trying to keep up the Lost Death Quota or something.

heigl3.) Izzie Stevens

Izzie makes the worst death lists because she failed at dying. Not only was she a supernova of suck bringing down other, viable characters *cough*George*cough* but Heigl had clearly stated her wish to leave the show, and they gave her INOPERABLE CANCER. And then fucking miracle-saved her just to have her leave a few eps later! I mean I do love how her exit made her douchey instead of cancer-pityable, but still we could have been fucking rid of her a month sooner dammit.

So there you have it, the deaths (or lack thereof) that were handled the poorest in 2009.



~ by Jerk on December 19, 2009.

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