J/DB's 12 Days of Lists – Day 2 – Best Show Redemptions of '09

Mwahaha!! Screw that DoubleBitch, I’m taking over this blog! From now on, you’ll be reading Jerk/DoubleJerk! Oh oh ewww, okay no. Also I haven’t gone megalomaniac, DB’s just gone home for Christmas a might unprepared *cough*forgotherpassword*cough* so I’m throwing up today’s list for her. While last season gave us a ton of really great TV, there were a few shows that tripped up. Here’s a look at the ones that managed to recover.

hiro1.) Heroes

Heroes started off really strong. The first two seasons were great (I thought the second was way better, but I know many disagree), but then came Volume 3. Right from the start, Villains was, to put it politely, a Godzilla-sized clusterfuck. Characters were destroyed, the Big Bad was just completely ridiculous, and the plot  didn’t really exist. Volume 4 began the healing process, and with Volume 5 we’re now back to roughly the same quality as we had in Volume 1. Not as drastic or immediate an improvement as, say 24 from Day 6 to Day 7, but it is getting better.

grey's s62.) Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s seems to be setting up some sort of Star Trek movies pattern of even seasons good, odd seasons bad. Season five was especially bad. They abused George’s character until TR Knight asked to be released from his contract, Izzie was on screen and JDM returned to skullfuck Denny’s memory. This season’s been… better. Not OMG awesome but okay. The new kids are all likeable, Izzie is not on screen, and even if the whole ‘financial concerns of the hospital’ thing is kinda not something I care about, it isn’t horrid.

ron swanson 23.) Parks and Recreation

I’m actually not 100% sure this should be on the list, as the first few episodes being less than stellar could be attributed to growing pains. On the other hand, P+R went from a show I almost had to force myself to take the time to watch, to a sitcom giving HIMYM a run for its money. The dramatic nature of the turnaround still has me in shock, so on the list it goes.



~ by Jerk on December 24, 2009.

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