The Bolivia Special

This whole season I’ve been pretty disappointed in Top Gear. It’s felt different, with the boys off doing things that are only indirectly connected to cars for the majority of  every episode (and is it just me or have the interviews with the Stars in the Reasonably Priced Car seemed longer this season as well?), when for me it’s always been the Top Gear challenges that have been the best part of the series. Watching the guys try to build their own limo, or turn a car into a space shuttle, or drive to the magnetic north pole; these are the things I love about Top Gear.

top gear death roadWell, they certainly made up for the rest of the season this week. The Bolivia Special was pretty damn amazing. First of all, I just finished watching it and my heart’s still beating a little fast. As far as Things They’ve Done That Could Kill them (and excluding Hammond’s crash), this episode handily beat out the Polar Special (in third place is Driving Through the Deep South With Homosexual/Anti-Country Music Slogans on Their Cars). Sure, there was one very dangerous part of the Polar Special, with the thin ice they drove over. But this? Literally half of the Bolivia Special was doing things that could have killed them.

Honestly, I can see how they may have wanted a break from doing crazy stuff after this, hence the lighter fare we’ve had this season, this episode was pretty insane.



~ by Jerk on December 28, 2009.

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