Resoulution Review

There are only days until we have to get our 2010 resolutions in place but first let’s take a look back at our resolutions from last year.

resolution-dollhouse1.) Our first resolution was not to be too upset if Dollhouse get’s the axe. I think we held our own with this one, considering we didn’t even blog about it.  DB didn’t even make it through the whole season watching the show even with the help of almost the entire BSG cast.  We’ll probably pick this one up on dvd, eventually

resolution-heroes2.) We resolved to try and post about Heroes less.   I think we’ve managed to do that somewhere between the massive suck and the good-but-not-really-noteworthy-ness of the show over the past year there’s been a whole lot less to say, especially since it’s come back this fall.  Heroes is still on my must watch list but it’s another one I wouldn’t be too sad to see it go in 2010.

resolution-leverage3.) We resolved to pimp Leverage more.  In 2008 we posted about leverage 8 times, and of the total 41 posts that means we’ve devoted 33 posts to our love of the bad guys turned good.  You can expect even more of this to come as the second season returns in less than two weeks and season 3 will begin filming in Feb for us to hopefully see at least half of in 2010.

resolution-bsg4.) We resolve to try and not have too many BSG spoilers on our front page.   Considering we outed some cylons and some deaths on our frontpage just last week, maybe we’re not so great at holding this promise but you should get off your ass and watch one of the greatest pieces of television our generation will see, already. Kapiche?

jensen5.) MORE JENSEN!  Who doesn’t need more Jensen?  I maybe forgot about this one as the year dragged on but I never really forget about Jensen.  I say we push this one over into next year too.  MORE JENSEN! I guess the question for next year will be:  will we see more of Jensen and Supernatural come fall?

smallville-lex-luther-dad16.) We resolved to not be too caught up in The Welling Effect which is all the hype surrounding the future of Smallville.  Honestly, I’m to the point that I don’t really care.  I’m pretty sure the show will see season 10 and we all know the ending is going to fade off into the distance.  There’s no real shocker to be found here.  Nobody watching Smallville is wondering what will happen in the end but I’m pretty happy with what they’re up to in the mean time.  Question for 2010: will they kill off Chloe by the end of this season or let her ride off into the sunset?

7.) Lastly we resolved to make JDB better and easier to navigate which I hope we’ve done.  We moved to the dot-com, added a Twitter and more ways to contact us.   If you’ve got questions or suggestions hit us up at jerk or db, in comments or via our twitter @jerkdoublebitch

Here’s to another year of good predictions and MORE JENSEN!



~ by doublebitch on December 30, 2009.

One Response to “Resoulution Review”

  1. I think we did pretty good, and I don’t think the BSG one counts anymore. After something’s aired over six months ago, I don’t think spoilers still applies.

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