NBC Late-Night Fail Update

I thought it was bad a few days ago when NBC couldn’t keep their mouths shut on the subject of their late night line up but things are really getting out of hand.

Everyone has something to say but the spotlight has really moved from Leno to Conan.  Conan saysthat if they insist on screwing with his time slot, he’s done.  He did it in a very pro and graceful way but with a little of that Conan style.   I’ve also read that due to some smart planning on his part his contract could see him in the near future with the ability to take another contract/show with another network while still reaping the multi-million dollar payoff that NBC will now probably try to wiggle their way out of.  We’re talking $20 Million a year for the next 4 years.  Yikes!  That’s not money we need for other programming, we better do whatever Jay Leno wants.

Finally, this leaves me with two questions.  Why are we holding on to Leno so tight?  I’ve always prefered him over Letterman but not over Conan.  What has he done lately to deserve all this and why is Conan the one left to be the bigger man?    Also, where’s the Fan Action?  #Team Conan is on the rise on the twitter front and while the papers seem so perplexed by us they keep reporting twitter trends, I still don’t think this new wave of action is action at all.   Over the past few years Fandom has shown their power.  I’d like to see it happen again, and quick.


* It makes me sad that we already had the NBC Fail tag, long before this.


~ by doublebitch on January 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “NBC Late-Night Fail Update”

  1. This far more reputable article has something different to say re:contracts and money

    but my intel was more exciting and funny. Which one ends up being correct, we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Patton Oswalt had a good commentary on this. Basically Leno used to be one of the best stand-up Comedians of his time and he sold out to shake hands.

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