The NBC fail continues

Twitter has been a hub for people talking about and mocking NBC for their recent blunders.  I hope NBC doesn’t think this is a new thing, most people on the internet, and in the world in general could have told them that Prime Time Leno was a bad idea.  My mom has a Santa cookie cutter that we call Mail-Man Leno.  Now that may have been a better direction for the company in general.

So the big mess is that shockingly, Leno at 10 didn’t work.  He still sucked as much at 10 as he did later, well actually more.  While saying he delivered the numbers they’d promised, their affiliate stations were stark raving mad that their audiences were tuning out and thus costing them their prestigious “#1 news in _____ city”  titles.  Some even dropping from 1st to 3rd.  That’s bad.  And I’m glad that NBC is listening to their affiliates, aka the people who pay their bills. 

The problem is: Now what? NBC is holding on to Leno like a security blanket saying they’ll give him half an hour after the news, Conan shoved back up to 12 and Jimmy at 1.  I’m glad they’re not just sacking Jimmy Fallon.  While I don’t watch a lot of Late night personally, I do enjoy him and thought the Conan/Jimmy lineup was much more enjoyable.   – To me, late night is when I pop in my DVDs or catch up on the shows I missed during the week –

The only guy out of a job here maybe is Carson Daily, and I could have sworn the world gave up on him about 5 years ago. 

The best part about all this has been the responses.  They’ve ranged from Conan’s monologue.  (I heard Leno did one too but I can imagine it wasn’t half as funny)  Other show makers and industry workers who are excited about the opportunity to make more work and then there’s Leno who says he’ll leave NBC prime time as messed up as he joined it.  Kinda harsh but totally true.  It’s great to know that good shows like Kings got the axe so that Leno could come in for a few months then crawl back into the whole from whence he came.

NBC’s night schedule is freckled with gems but there’s a serious lack of community or continuity to it.  They’ve also now put themselves in a CW-esque position where they have to hold on to their gold.. or what they think is gold.  Shows the The Office and Heroes are more likely to stick around through the shake up when perhaps they’re past their prime.  NBC will be holding on to the ways they can comfort their viewers with normalcy and tradition.  Sure makes the fuss they made about canceling Chuck seem stupid. 

The 10 pm time slot will open again to shows like Friday Night Lights – the total fluke it’s still being made – show and crap like a L&O LA attempt.  They are waiting out their pilots to see whats good, to see what they can do.  I feel sorry for the team left to re-haul their line up mid-season but I think it opens an exciting opportunity for them to re-invent themselves and come up with something great.  

And to quote Hiro from last night’s episode “To be continued!”…



~ by doublebitch on January 12, 2010.

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