3 Awesome Things about Chuck's Return

zach-levi-guitar-450Chuck is back and smarter, stronger and funnier than ever.  I heard some people complaining about chuck being a it of a schmuck and maybe even a gary sue but I totally disagree.  I think the show is still doing a good job of bringing us great characters and an advancing plot all while kicking some bad guy ass.  They also managed to stay interesting and capture more viewers despite the fact that they aired 3 hours of the show in just two days.

Awesome thing number the first is Chuck’s new encyclopedia of skills now that he can actually use the intersect.  Amazing Flamenco Guitar skills have to top this list though his new crime fighting skills are pretty sweet.

sandwormelliecaptainSecond has to come Captain Awesome’s ability to continue to be awesome.  The guy seriously does everything but remains a pretty decent, normal guy while doing it.  I’m looking forward to his role over the rest of the season as the sidekick guy who’s in on the secret.  I’m also really stoked to see something Sarah Lancaster is on doing well.  Loved her on What About Brian.

Finally it has to be that the show pulled some 7.7 million viewers, (that’s pretty much the entire rest of their lineup combined) coming back as a mid-season opener/replacement AND this all after the fuss they put up about canceling it last season.  If it weren’t for fans that got stark raving mad NBC wouldn’t have had any idea bout their failure and would have just kept doing what they do best.



~ by doublebitch on January 14, 2010.

One Response to “3 Awesome Things about Chuck's Return”

  1. I need to pick up season two now that I’ve finished the first. If I hadn’t just finished it and not had time to watch s2 before the s3 premiere anyway, I’d bitch about how I hate releasing season sets just before the next season begins. Everyone should follow 24’s lead with the DVD releases.

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