Blood and Sand

lucy lawless spartacusNext Friday Spartacus: Blood and Sand will debut on Starz. I’ve purposely tried to avoid finding out too much about the series (most of the following info comes from an ad I saw in one of my comics) because I want to be surprised, but here’s what I know:

1.) One of the Executive Producers is Rob Tapert, AKA Mr. Lucy Lawless. Along with Sam Raimi, he was behind the Hercules and Xena shows.

2.) Another Executive Producer is Steven S DeKnight, who’s written for the entire circuit of Whedon shows as well as Smallville. Responsible for killing Tara, Vampire Lana, and the Exploding Baby.

3.) It’s on Starz, the network that gave us Party Down.

4.) There will be CG-modified fight scenes full of blood. Also? Boobs. Possibly? Wang.

spartacusSo why am I looking forward to this? Way, waaaayyy back before Hercules and Xena, there was a series of made-for-TV movies staring Sorbo as Hercules. These were grittier, and much darker in tone than the shows usually were. What I’m expecting from Spartacus is a cross between those original Hercules movies and 300, on a cable network where they can be far more violent and nipple-y than what we got in Hercules and Xena, and with at least one really solid writer in the stable. To me, this sounds like a recipe for WIN, and has come out of nowhere to become my most anticipated new show for 2010.

I guess next Friday we’ll find out if I’m right about this, I wanted to get my thoughts on the show published to show how prescient/horribly wrong I am. And, you know, to pimp the show *cough*Spartacus:BloodandSandnextFridayonStarz*cough*



~ by Jerk on January 15, 2010.

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