Events Occur In Real Time

As J/DB’s resident… okay, there needs to be a cute name 24 fans use to refer to themselves. Anyway, as the resident that, I’m here to talk about Day 8. So, uh… it’s good. Really good!

bauer napThe new characters are good, I’m frankly astonished by how much I like Freddie Prinze, Jr. here. It’s like they took Chase and Tony and merged them. The new head of CTU is a bit of a douche, but he’s a competent, likable douche a-la George Mason, and not a GOD WHY ARE YOU NOT DEAD YOU KNOW WHAT I’M GLAD YOUR KID DIED douche a-la Erin Driscoll. Starbuck having a secret other past (that the screening for working at CTU didn’t catch, yet somehow Dick Just Out Of Prison could find her) is pretty lame, but you have to accept that there will be bullshit with the minor characters to fill in the times when Jack is on the toilet or stuck in traffic. But the clear winner of the Best New Character awesome hair hassanis President Hassan. I mean, that hair alone! But add to that the fact he’s basically a Middle Eastern David Palmer, who actually actively helps CTU advance their investigation, and well, that’s a pretty great character.

It’s quite nice to see the terrorists actually failing pretty early on, instead of having layer after layer of backup plans (s’up, Day 4?), but I think my favourite change is that Jack is actually happy and getting along with Kim. When we first see him, he’s having a nap whilst babysitting his granddaughter. Then 50 minutes later he kills a dude with a friggin’ AXE TO THE HEART and another with a stairwell, and it’s a perfectly natural progression.

Speaking of natural progression, I really love that Renee is now Jack from season two. She no longer works for the government, but she’s called back in because some undercover work she did years ago ties in to the terrorist’s plot, and she has to go back undercover. There’s a nuclear material involved, and the first just kiss alreadysuspect she comes across gets part of him sawed off. If they’d thrown in a scene where she shaved off her hobo beard it would have been exactly like Jack in the season two premiere! At least Renee managed to keep her guy alive, and not a head in a duffel bag.

Also, holy crap are they stuffing this season with awesome actors! Herc from The Wire! Sark! Leoben! And we’re only four hours in. Okay, I think that pretty much covers my geeky rantings for now, conclusion: 24 is still very much alive, and I’m glad it got the ratings it deserves.



~ by Jerk on January 19, 2010.

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