24 Then and Now

Urg, friggin’ Internet failure for a few days, and while DB is off gallivanting around Southwestern Ontario! Anyway, I’m back up and ‘Netified now, so here’s a… less-topical-than-intended post!

starbuck chokeAs I found while rewatching 24 this past year, I’ve found my feelings about various facets of the show have changed. With this Day 8 I’m finding my viewing habits have changed even further, with regards to the dreaded subplots. The real-time nature of the show means that it just isn’t feasible to have Jack and/or the President doing something all the time, so many various subplots are hatched to a) fill out the show and b) give the tertiary characters something to do (other than getting knocked out/killed by Bauer).

Through the rewatching I found that some of the worst of the subplots (Teri’s amnesia, everything that happened with Kim during Day 2), which were frustratingly lame when was first put through them had become pretty enjoyable due to the sheer what-the-fuckness of it all. Kim’s s2 arc (if it can be called that) is amazing to watch once you know everything that will happen to her.

friend of cockbagBut with Day 8, I’ve found I’m having this feeling towards the subplots as I watch them for the first time, which is new. Usually they’re a bit on the irritating side, and frustrating in their lack of Bauer killing people with his thighs. This season we’ve got Starbuck dealing with her cockbag of an ex, just out of prison and threatening to expose her Secret Identity. From the illogic of him being able to break her fake ID when the US government couldn’t, to the hilarity of Cockbag’s Friend hanging out on her couch and impassively watching him smack her ’round a bit, I’m digging it.

I’m not sure if my tastes as a 24 viewer changed during the break since season six (because as I’m sure I mentioned before, season seven never really had any of the annoying subplotness I usually expect from 24), or if they’ve just honed their subplot crafting abilities. Either way I win!

Still can’t wait to see Cockbag/Starbuck/both die, though.



~ by Jerk on January 29, 2010.

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