Smallville gets Small Numbers

You will bow down to Hawkman

You will bow down to Hawkman

This week’s Smallville debuted back after their long hiatus to a measly 2.5 million viewers.  Now, I don’t like to play the numbers game, because to me, the ratings are not often very accurate in indicating how GOOD a show is.  We’ve all seen great shows go down the drain based on these numbers alone.  That said, Smallville is consistently my default “it’s so bad I watch it anyway” show.  It really is the butt of a lot of my TV watching jokes.  None the less, I still love me some Clark Kent.

I was tuned in last night but one of the major reasons for such a lull in the numbers probably has something to do with the fact that I didn’t even remember it was coming back this week until about an hour before it aired and that was only thanks to all the Smallville fans I follow on Twitter.   Maybe we can put this into perspective with the over 5 million that Leverage pulled this week on a CABLE NETWORK.

I really hope the CW puts in the time and work needed to hype up the two hour Absolute Justice event coming next Friday.  That is going to be must see television even if they ramped into it with another lame Ollie storyline.  Should we be used to this by now?  It’s shocking, I know, but people don’t watch Smallville for the story of the Green Arrow.  And what the hell is up with him all the sudden being hardcore emo over Lois?  Chloe was right.  It was years ago.  She’s got a whole new hair colour now.

I will give them two thumbs up for finally letting us enjoy the chemistry that Durance and Welling have together.  Everyone always talked about how great Kreuk and Welling were together but I just never saw it.

Here’s to next week being amazing.



~ by doublebitch on January 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Smallville gets Small Numbers”

  1. Not really related at all, but I just wanted to say that Hakwman’s logo has always reminded me of the Thundercats logo.

  2. totally doesnt look like a hawk at all

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