Spartacus: Two Episodes In

My verdict? Kinda not that good almost bad. Blood and Sand has a really unique visual style, somewhat like a more stylized, artistic version of 300. So, thumbs up in that department. The acting is also quite good, as is the action. It’s the plot that’s the problem.

blood and sand and more bloodThe show is missing even a hint of the tongue-in-cheek, campy comedy that made Hercules and Xena so good. Everything is played very very serious, and… it’s boring. There’s no character, no voice to the show outside of the visuals. There’s very much the potential for an amazing show here, but someone needed to inject some life into it. I’m gonna go ahead and blame DeKnight for this, saying as he wrote both of the first two episodes.

I’m honestly not sure if I’ll watch anymore. Maybe eventually, when I have less other things I want to watch more.

Lucy Lawless’ nakedness is quite nice, though.



~ by Jerk on February 1, 2010.

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