ABC testing the Sunday Waters for Castle


ABC will be airing Castle, in addition to it’s Monday night at 10 spot, on Sunday nights after the  ‘is that still on?’ classic, Desperate Housewives.  I used to watch Housewives religiously but it was one of those shows where after so many years and the loss of the original plot entirely, I just gave up on.   I don’t think this  is necessarily a bad move for Castle.  At first I really enjoyed watching Castle on Monday nights after Heroes but since the season has returned from the winter break, Monday nights have been more than stacked.

Personally, I haven’t been able to watch Castle live for weeks based on the fact that my family always skypes to talk about how groan worthy Heroes was.  Yes I’d rather complain than stop watching.  Me and the entire Heroes watching audience.  Monday nights are busy and the show is simply too good to be missed.  The fact that it has massive syndication-abilty-ness gives me hope for the shows legacy but not much for it’s longevity.  I don’t think this is a move because it’s doing poorly, I think it’s more of a compassionate move by a network that simply wants to see it do even better.

I think the Housewives audience would love to watch Castle but fact is, they probably don’t.  I can really see the show picking up some more viewers from this switch.  Also as ABC pointed out, this will take it out of the running against The Bachelor, which I dont know why anyone is watching anymore either but it’s probably not a bad idea.

We’ll have to see how it goes but I think this is a move I could get behind.



~ by doublebitch on February 2, 2010.

One Response to “ABC testing the Sunday Waters for Castle”

  1. I’m all for shows airing on Not Monday or Thursday. I don’t know when (or why) Sunday stopped being a big TV night, but I’d really like to see it become one again.

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