Human Target is Really Friggin' Awesome

Okay, four episodes in. I think that’s enough to officially say that this show is awesome. Kinda makes me sad that I decided to go with the lead-up post for Spartacus instead, because Human Target is far more deserving of the extra blogness.

human target vaugierFirst up, a look at the basics: Human Target is an amazingly fast-paced action adventure romp of a show with a definite sense of humour. The three main characters (all of whom are awesome, but Jackie Earle Haley especially stands out for me, and not just because he was Rorschach.) are something of a mercenary/spy/awesome group who will help those in need, in exchange for… a favour, an heriloom, basically whatever Christopher Chance decides to take for payment. So far each of the cases has been drastically different from each other, which I’m hoping speaks well for the series’ longevity. Also, having Bear McCreary score your show is always a good move.

human target upside down plane

Next up we’ve got the guest stars. In four episodes we’ve had both Six and Gaeta, Emmanuelle Vaugier (and the show isn’t even on CW!), Firefly’s Sean Maher, Ethan Rom from Lost, and Sam Huntington. In four episodes! That’s pretty damn impressive to a connoisseur of geeky televisionals such as myself.

I also have to give Human Target some major geek points for ep 104. Not only did they have the Wilhelm Scream, but in one scene Sam Huntington was explaining Crisis on Infinite Earths to a group of monks. Namedropping the Anti-Monitor? They pretty much out-geeked the entirety of Big Bang Theory in one fell swoop!

In conclusion, if asked to describe the show in one sentence, it would be ‘imagine if 24 and Leverage had a baby’. If that sounds awesome to you (and it should), then go check out Human Target.



~ by Jerk on February 6, 2010.

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