Smallville's Absolute Justice

absolute-justice01Now that I’ve had a few days to really take in the double episode ‘event’  I feel like I could probably write three posts about it.  First off I think we should talk about the feel of the ‘event’.  As much as I love Welling’s directing I think it was a mistake to have two directors split the episode.  It was so clear that things changed halfway through.  Welling is known for his love of light and big sweeping shots, lots of super closeups (especially of himself) and his use of color.  As soon as the halfway point breaking scene came in you could feel the difference.  We got straight on shots of the heroes and way too much light and conversely the scenes towards the end we saw way too much dark and three quarter profiles that left me wondering why they were there, what were they signifying?

The look aside I came off the episode feeling like it was good, I enjoyed it but it wasn’t Smallville’s best.  Maybe it was because it was trying to be good and was visually really interesting but the show itself had nothing to offer it as far as back story or hype went.  What I may have called ‘great’ Smallville in the past either included amazing actors or really really cheesy plots like Sneeze or Exploding babies.  Two other types of good Smallville episodes are ones with great movement within the mythology and ones that were just really pretty.  Maybe this one fit into the last two a little more.

absolute-justice02One thing Smallville has to get down on its knees and grovel to Johns over is the fact that he so clearly walked in the door and set them up for the entirety of season 10.  We’ve seen such a warble lately.  The show was missing the big bad or they had great big bads and then they kill them in like two episodes.  Then we’re left with Ollie’s past and that one where Lois gets knocked out and does some stuff.   I think they’ve majorly failed with Zod this year.  They’ve done so much better with him in the past.  There were some great episodes this season giving some background on Krypton but he doesn’t scare me.  I’m glad to see checkmate and maybe they’ll do something good with Tess Mercer again.  Still proud of her.

A couple tag on comments – Star Girl sucked and she was way too much like first episode Kara Zor-El.  The character didnt suck, the casting and the acting sucked.  Dr Fate and Hawkman were epicly awesome and Icicle was rather meh but good enough for the purpose.

I’ve seen some people complaining about the costumes.  I liked them.  Thought they were fine.  The painting was epic, amazing one liners and I totally think that the JLA or JSA could hold their own live action series.  The final fight may have been a little underwhelming and total overkill of powers but I was entertained.



~ by doublebitch on February 8, 2010.

One Response to “Smallville's Absolute Justice”

  1. I loved the costumes, it was one of my favourite parts. Probably because they were exactly like the comics, or as exact as a drawing-to-IRL conversion ever is.

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