The Evolution of the Elevator

greys-anatomy-the-video-game-20090311020831524-000One thing that really stood out to me on Grey’s this week, other than the wrap up of a storyline that was sorely neglected and underused, was how the Seattle Grace Elevator has really come full circle.

I really hate when shows shove metaphorical relationships in our faces like look! The new guy is now like the old guy! SEE.  I felt a little this way with the way that we’re seeing The Chief play out as Meredith’s father.  He’s an alchy, he’s her mother’s lover or something and he’s been playing that role for her for a long time but I just feel like this has taken it too far.  The full circle is not needed and a little confusing honestly.  Where the hell is Adelle?

But back to the elevator.  We used to see Meredith and Derek meet up and work out their issues in the elevator.  Then Addison came along – Ha! I just realized how lamely obvious that name should have been.  ick –  and we saw Derek, Addison and Mer run away from each other, get it on – whatever it was they did in there.  It was so much a ‘thing’ that it was one of the main jokes in the Private Practice pilot.  vlcsnap-69292Hell they put it in the video game. Now we’re seeing Little Grey and Sloan.  It’s like a second generation of elevator fights and make ups.

I really hope this continues.  It’s nice when Greys takes the time to look back at when it was once great.  I think going back to some of these solid, time tested techniques could really help them.  Also things like not killing off good characters.

p.s. Kevin McKidd is amazing in anything he does.

p.p.s Good to see Karev back with the babies.



~ by doublebitch on February 9, 2010.

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