Not So Quick Chuck

chucklanaIt came and it went, the first few episodes of Chuck before the all mighty master of the airwaves – The Olympics – and we’re left with a lot to say.  This week marked the 7th episode of the 3rd season and while a lot can happen over 7 episodes I’d hazard to say too much has happened.

During this episode we saw Chuck and his new girl Lana Lang, er Hannah kissing and making up.  I’d like to take a second to congratulate Kreuk on learning how to kiss on screen without trying to eat her opponent like she did for years on Smallville.  Maybe the credit should be given to Levi.  I’m all for Chuck and a new girl.  I’m actually even more for Sarah and Shaw (Superman’s Brandon Routh).

Fans are left to wonder if these two were cast because they would be – and are – great in their roles or if it was someone geeking out about playing mash up in the Superman ‘verse?  Either way, the little puns and interactions are cute and fun for Superman fans.

Anyway, back to topic, It was a mere 4 episodes ago that we saw Chuck confessing his love to Sarah – yet again, and I quite honestly believed they were perhaps on the mend.   It seems like they’ve moved too quickly with these romances and I worry about where they’ll bring us back around to when these characters undoubtedly leave.  Kreuk and Routh are both scheduled for only 2 more episodes at this point.

I will honestly say I’ve enjoyed Kreuk so much more in this role.  It was a fresh start for her and a good return to TV.  She is undeniably charming and beautiful.  Her sweetness seems to shine through in everything she does and I’ve finally warmed up to her new hair.  That said, I full on think she’s a spy.

Some things we have to look forward to when Chuck returns are Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd as a Spy Therapist – win! and a sexy two hour ‘event’ of a season finale come May.



~ by doublebitch on February 10, 2010.

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