Blue Mountian State Makes The Grade

Screen-shot-2009-11-27-at-4.24.44-PMI first saw the ads for Blue Mountain State, a SpikeTV original series over the Christmas Holidays and the 30 second spots had me hooked, well until after the holidays when I forgot to tune in.  Thankfully it came to mind this week and it was like the book you just couldn’t put down.

It’s a show about college football.  I hear ya, that doesn’t sound very interesting and it’s ‘been done’ by the massively acclaimed Friday Night Lights but FNL this isn’t – by any means.  Blue Mountain State is more like a frat boy movie about how charmed the life is of college athletes with full rides and beautiful bodies.

The real reason why I tuned in to check it out was the casting of two Smallville Alums as lead characters.  Our beloved Pete – Sam Jones III and Alan Ritchson aka Aquaman.   Ritchson has me stunned.  I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to say he was a good actor based on his work as the scaled hero but he owns Blue Mountain State as the overcompensating team captain with a questionable sexuality and an exchange student for a sister.   He brings out some serious comedy chops to hold the show better than the debatable ‘lead’ underachiever.  Believe it or not this guy was discovered on American Idol.  Yeah.  Check out the profile on his character Thad Castle below or follow him on Twitter @thadcastle.  Yes it’s a network promo twitter but he uses the hashtags like #fucklost and #pocketpussy. Totally worth it.

Mister ‘the third’ on the other hand plays an virgin football pro in the making who’s girlfriend is going to make damn sure his career makes them rich no matter what it takes.    Tones of great characters like the best buddy/team mascot and his armless girlfriend meet great plots like a team building Drug Olympics and a bare ass cookie race keep this show a nonstop laugh.

If you’re looking for touching, mature or serious this is not the show to turn to but if you want to laugh your ass off, I totally recommend Blue Mountain State.  Tuesdays at 10 on Spike.



~ by doublebitch on February 14, 2010.

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