Will Leverage Go For Gold?

It’s been a while since we’ve written a true speculation post.  It’s been a while since I’ve cared to.  With the shows we love falling by the wayside, scheduled out of our lives for….euh, sports – what’s a girl to do?  Well first things first, it’s time to catch up on all the stuff you were too busy to catch while it was on.   We should make a group pact to get some serious watching done over the Olympic ‘break’.  Though I should note, I’m probably watching more TV than ever out of sheer national pride.

But some shows just keep slugging on, shows like Leverage for instance.  It’s no secret that I have been rather enamored with Leverage from the beginning but this season has shelled out week after week of satisfying entertainment.  I’ve learned not to worry about a good show being good.  A live and let live sort of thing I guess, but two days from now we’ll walk back into our Leverage drought.  Let’s take a look at where we think they’re going to leave us.

My prediction is that most of the gang is gonna get caught.  Nate out witted, perhaps out sobered.  Parker just plain caught.  She’s a great hider and a great thief but once she’s seen she’s rather short on defenses.  Eliot a little hot headed and held in a position where his actions would hurt someone else, he’s going to fight to the end – not that I see a real end in sight.

Hardison, on the other hand, I think will slip away by the skin of his teeth.  I’ve always hated that phrase.  yuck.  Unless he gets in too far and lets his head get clouded by feelings for his family or Parker.  Confidence being his big problem, sometimes too much, sometimes not enough.  Tara, I’m not sure I care and that’s a problem for me.  Why don’t I care about Tara?  Was it that I know she’s not coming back?  Is it that I know she’s got one foot out the door?

I really do feel like I connected with Tara.  I think she fit into the crew like no other and maybe even meshed a little better but it was essentially a different crew than it had been with Sophie.  Something in me feels like this was a crew a little more suited for American Television but that doesn’t mean I don’t want Gina back.  Tara is the wild card, the one who I still feel like could pull a Sterling and switch teams at any moment.   I liked Tara.  I liked the character a lot and I hope they bring her back in the future but I don’t really get the part she plays.

Some of the time, with great shows and great writing I’m left exactly where I’m supposed to be.  Unsure, wondering all the questions I’m supposed to be wondering.  How will Sophie – and in my prediction, Hardison – bale them out or keep them out?

I’ve heard people talk about shows like this where week in and week out the good guy always wins and you know they’re going to win.  No matter how many times the Leverage team wins I’m still always engaged.  I never expect anything with this show and rarely figure out the con before I’m supposed to.  It’s refreshing and something I have full confidence they’ll keep up as they gather in Portland to start filming season 3.

We keep hearing from The Powers That Be that all of our questions will be answered in season 3.   Where does Parker live?  Why does Eliot know so much about guns?  and the return of Sophie are all promised in season 3.   I’m really looking forward to all the tweets and where they’ll take the show the next go round.  The more we learn about these mysterious characters, the better.



~ by doublebitch on February 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “Will Leverage Go For Gold?”

  1. a- the Eliot and the guns thing was answered a long ass time ago. He was in the military. Or worked for the military. the only thing I’ve read about learning anything about Eliot’s past is what he’s actually afraid of.

    Parker? on to the actual show now, I don’t think Parker’s going to get caught. They’ve said before that she’s stolen some pretty important stuff, if anything? I can see her takng off and disappearing when the heat gets to be too much. she’s an abuse survivor, typically the defense mechanism is to make themselves invisible in a time of danger. And what’s this? HEY – something for Hardison to do. Look for Parker.

  2. and AND I keep going back to the blood in the promo for tomorrow’s ep – since it was white skin, that leaves Hardison and Eliot out of the equations. I’m still on the fence about Nate giving them up, or even if he’d be so quick to sell them out. It’s been a strange connection that they’ve forged and Eliot told him last week, my job is to be here, as stupid as your choices are. So maybe it’s Nate’s, and he’s going to go that far to protect his family, OR? Or maybe Tara’s exit isn’t as simple as you make it sound. I mean she’s shown Eliot she can fight, and he said he didn’t hit girls who didn’t hit him first. I can see Eliot going wait, you betrayed my trust the little that I do have and now you wanna hurt the people I care about?

  3. There are only two things I know for sure: Rogers has explicitly stated he hates cliffhangers (*especially* with regards to stretching over a hiatus) and when push comes to shove, the writers always flip you when you least expect it.

    I think it’s going to be tight, but I don’t think anyone’s going to get caught. They’re going to walk away… the question is how far away, and how much trust is left between them.

    I agree with you that Tara is the wild card… but Devlin has also said they hope to have her recurring. There’s plenty of villains that should (and hopefully will) raise their heads in season three, but I kind of hope that Tara comes out on the side of the team in the end. Or at least not *against* the team. (Hey, with this show, there’s a hell of a lot of gray.)

    And with the Maltese Falcon… maybe it was trimmed for time, but is it just me, or has Nate just totally missed out on that whole aspect? We’ve been primarily taking this ride with him, and I have to wonder what the rest of the team is up to. I hope it brings Sophie back, of course, but with Nate’s quick fall, I really kind of want to see them have to save him, rather than his plan pulling things through.

    Either way… it’s gonna be one hell of an episode. Tomorrow can’t be here soon enough. Then again, neither can season 3!

  4. I go back and forth between: a) Nate going to jail, taking the fall for the team after refusing to give them up to Sterling; b) Nate appearing to give up the team but pulling a last fast one to get them all out in the end; and c) the whole team getting away with the assistance of a !surprise! appearance by Sophie, with Nate remaining unhinged and the group splitting up for safety reasons with a lot of trust issues, sort of a re-do of season 1 without the pride of accomplishment.

    I’m just gonna take a stab and say Tara sells the team out, which leads to Nate getting pinched in his apartment, and then Sterling forces him to continue the con to take out the gun runners, with Sterling basically running the show. Sterling gets the glory of bringing the guy in and maybe also the glory of bringing in one or more of the team.

    As for the blood at the end, I’m pretty sure it’s Nate’s – in my promo at the end of last week’s ep, it looked like Nate was pulling his hand out from inside his jacket and staring down at blood on it, with a kind of surprised look on his face. Not sure how that plays into the whole ep – may favor my scenarios (a) or (c) – but the blood was definitely on Nate’s hand.

  5. Where are you people seeing the blood thing? Did I just not watch close enough or am I missing an entire preview?

  6. The original preview right after last week’s show was a little different from the one they’re showing now on the TNT site. That’s where I saw it.

    My final guess is that Sterling decides to hold the threat of jail over the whole crew and forces them to work for him to crack international criminal cases. Next season would include them trying to figure out a way to get out from under Sterling’s thumb.

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